Cathy The Place of Lake-211

Legend River-2015

Hung Poo Star-2015

Chien Kuo Construction has constructed several luxury residential projects. In addition to completing these on time and according to the specifications in design drawings, Chien Kuo Construction has also assisted with applications for architectural certification, including green building certification, in pursuit of the broader goal of a greener society.
In terms of construction techniques, Chien Kuo Construction specializes in building skyscrapers. The company’s extensive experience enables it to customize projects to meet owners’ needs, whether using traditional reinforced concrete or steel reinforced concrete (SRC) structures in conjunction with bottom-up or top-down methods. Furthermore, Chien Kuo Construction utilizes BIM technology in a wide range of projects to simulate conduit conflict and visualize 3D architectural designs. This provides owners with accurate information that can be read and analyzed at an early stage of the project, enabling better decision-making and ensuring control requirements for different aspects of the project are met.