Terms of use and Privacy Policy (website)

Terms of Use and Legal Restrictions

Please note: When visiting this website please be sure to read the following terms and conditions as all users are deemed to have agreed to the conditions contained therein. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions (hereafter referred to as “the terms and conditions”), please refrain from using the website.

Using the Website

The data, technical programs, innovations, documents and services and any downloaded software available on this website are the property of Chien Kuo Group which also owns the intellectual property rights to such data. The company permits browsing and use of the information on this website, but such permission is limited to individuals and for non commercial uses (with the exception of those users who receive written permission from Chien Kuo Group for such use). In addition, regardless of how this data is used, the company requires that all copies are accompanied by a statement that indicates the intellectual property rights to the original data. Other than where specifically permitted by a “licensing agreement” any copying of transfer of software is strictly forbidden.

Users are forbidden from altering, copying, publicly displaying or disseminating in any form data on this website, or using said data for commercial purposes. Any violation of the intellectual property rights pertaining to data provided on this website or actions that infringe the rights and interests of Chien Kuo Group are also strictly forbidden.

Connecting to this Website

This website can be accessed after receiving authorization from the Chien Kuo Group, but users are forbidden from:

Establishing a browser or border environment based on the content of the Chien Kuo Group website.

Claiming Chien Kuo Group approves a linked or any products / services offered.

Distorting the relationship between a linked website and the Chien Kuo Group.

Users cannot use any logo related to the company without the express permission of Chien Kuo Group.

Links to Subcontractor Websites

This website has secured the right to list the names of and links to business related websites. However, Chien Kuo Group has not examined the platforms of all its subcontractors and these companies are in no way controlled by the Chien Kuo Group, which is not responsible for any of these websites or their content. As such, in the event that a website or any information, software, other products or data contained therein is deemed to infringe the rights of a third party, or use thereof had any adverse outcome, Chien Kuo Group is not liable.

In the event that a user accesses the website of any contractor linked to this website, he or she is responsible for determining the nature of the information and liable for its use.

Some of the product pictures on the website are schematic sketches and are in no way intended to violate the copyright to related buildings or commodities contained therein. If you discover any problems in this respect please contact us and we will replace the offending pictures immediately.

Chien Kuo Group is legally incorporated in the Republic of China (Taiwan)