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Founded in 1931, Chien Kuo Construction Co. Ltd. (Chien Kuo Construction) has played an indispensable role in the development of Taiwan. As a contractor on such important national infrastructure projects as Shimen Reservoir Water Works, Zengwen Reservoir Tunnel and the North Link Railway, one of the government’s Ten Major Infrastructure Projects. Chien Kuo Construction is also one of the oldest and most reputable businesses in Taiwan.

Beginning in 2010, Chien Kuo Construction embarked on the construction of National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts (Weiwuying), a landmark project for southern Taiwan. This magnificent building, spanning 152,000m2 was designed by world-renowned Dutch architect Francine Houben. Many of the building technologies employed during this project were used for the first time in Taiwan, exemplifying the technical leadership and engineering prowess of Chien Kuo Construction.

Chien Kuo Construction has business operations in both Taiwan and China that encompass construction and concrete. In construction, Chien Kuo Construction integrates enterprises across the value chain driven by building technology. These include WeBIM Services, Shun Long International Electrical Engineering and Chien Kuo Development Co., Ltd., as well as other technical enterprises currently under development. Chien Kuo Construction strives for maximizing customers’ value through the professional process management capability with a fully integrated capacity.

Chien Kuo Construction is a listed company that puts corporate social responsibility as the first priority.

CK’s core values: Integrity, Optimization, Well-being, Harmony

Integrity, Optimization, Well-being and Harmony are four virtues onlined in the“ Counsels of the Great Yu” of Book of Documents ("Shangshu") by Confucius that induct the business philosophy of Chien Kuo Construction.

  • Integrity

    Honest and trustworthy; proactive and progressive; respect for life.
  • Optimization

    Exceptional quality; total cost management; sustainability and innovation.
  • Well-being

    Customer satisfaction; learning and growth.
  • Harmony

    Teamwork; social responsibility.

Since it was founded, Chien Kuo Construction has embraced the philosophy that focuses on people and honesty. Meanwhile, the company continues to improve operational efficiency and boldly embrace innovation to deliver high-quality and high-value construction works. Chien Kuo Construction rewards the trust of its customers with high quality services and grows together with employees through comprehensive development programs. The company believes in sustainable management and employees share the same mission and vision. Every step Chien Kuo Construction takes aims to enhance harmony and symbiosis with society and the environment in which the company operates.

Mission statement: A new-generation construction team founded on technology, concern for society and aesthetic values

Chien Kuo Construction endeavors to evolve with the times and constantly strives for excellence. The company is always researching, developing and testing new technologies in order to offer optimal expertise. This includes using Building Information Modeling (BIM) to achieve integrative and comprehensive building quality control, acoustic technology to create a superior sound environment and special curvilinear construction techniques to facilitate expressive architectural forms. Meanwhile, Chien Kuo Construction has introduced a cloud-based Management Information System (MIS) that includes all construction-related information so as to maintain real-time control of work timetables, which enables proper risk management and optimal customer communication. By maximizing the value of services offered Chien Kuo Construction successfully differentiates itself from competitors.

The company is also committed to the arts, culture and charity work. Chien Kuo Construction is dedicated to shaping a corporate culture based on human aesthetics and philanthropy. In so doing, Chien Kuo Construction has become a well-respected benchmark company and a happy workplace both in terms of professional services and corporate social responsibility.

Through transparent and sustainable governance, innovative construction technology R&D, advanced quality management combined with disciplined and self-motivated employee development, Chien Kuo Construction continues to march toward its vision of the future. As a result, the company’s workforce always pursues all-around excellence and has developed into a new-generation construction team that fully deserves the trust of customers.