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Stakeholder Engagment

Stakeholders are internal or external individuals or groups who influence or are influenced by Chien Kuo Construction. As such, Chien Kuo Construction stakeholders include employees, investors, customers and partnering businesses. The company values stakeholders and endeavors to establish transparent and effective channels of communication with them, working toward the shared goal of sustainable development.

Stakeholder's contacts


Chien Kuo Construction is a new-generation construction team that combines social care, culture and aesthetics, a science and technology foundation and a philosophy based on people and honesty. Chien Kuo Construction treats employees well, nurturing them based on personality and expertise so that they are able to realize their full potential and make an optimal contribution to the success of the company.

Employee's communication channels

  1. Written submissions:

    Employees can post any comments to the HR department or directly to the highest-ranking HR executive.

  2. Address:

    20F, No. 67, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da'an District, Taipei City
    HR Dept.:LIN Tien-peng, A. Vice President (02) 2784-9730 Ext.608

  3. Email: mailbox for employee complaints)

  4. Employee hotline:

    (02) 2784-9730 Ext.608 LIN Tien-peng, A. Vice President


Chien Kuo Construction values shareholders' comments and the company has a spokesperson mechanism and investor relations contact window. Chien Kuo Construction posts important notices on the Market Observation Post System in a timely manner in order to improve transparency of information disclosure and thereby safeguard investors’ rights.

Investor's communication channel

  1. Corporate headquarters:

    Switchboard (02) 2784-9730 Ext. 9

  2. Spokesperson:

    SUN Bair-tzuoo, CFO (02) 2784-9730 Ext. 710

  3. Deputy Spokesperson

    KUNG Ssu-chia,A. Vice President (02) 2784-9730 Ext. 201

  4. Investor relations:

    (02) 2784-9730 Ext. 313
    20F, No. 67, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da'an District, Taipei City 106

  5. Shareholder affairs:

    Shareholder Affairs Office (02) 2784-9730 Ext. 313
    20F, No. 67, Sec. 2, Dunhua S. Rd., Da'an District, Taipei City 106


Chien Kuo Construction team is favored by developers and government agencies because it offers customers services that optimize overall value. With many years of expertise and experience, continuous self-improvement, outstanding talent and the latest technology, Chien Kuo Construction is the contractor of choice for many luxury residences, commercial buildings, high-tech industrial facilities and benchmark public infrastructure projects. It is also a leading construction company that exemplifies state-of-the-art construction know-how.

Customer service hotline

  1. Corporate customers:(02)-27849730 Ext.598 Sales Dept.|

  2. Regular customers:(02)-27849730 Ext.515 Customer Service Dept.|


Chien Kuo Construction operates based on the principles of integrity and honesty. All the company’s commercial dealings with suppliers adhere to the rules of fairness, honesty, integrity and transparency. Neither party may directly or indirectly provide, promise, demand or accept any improper benefit or behave in a way that breaches the rules of honesty and integrity, the law or other obligations. In addition, to ensure the legal interests of both sides, neither party may make inaccurate statements on important matters or engage in other unfair modes of transaction while manipulating, concealing or indiscriminately using information obtained on the job.

Supplier's communication channel

  1. GAU Mao-sheng, A. Vice President, Procurement Dept.(02)-27849730 Ext. 530 |