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Chien Kuo Construction believes that the purpose of businesses is to allow a group of individuals to combine their wisdom and strength as they make a contribution to society. The company’s employees work tirelessly to complete not just buildings, but homes that many people work their entire lives to own.
Chien Kuo Construction looks not for employees who make money for the company in exchange for a salary, but rather...
A group of like-minded partners and
Colleagues who want to help people realize their dream of having their own home.

Chien Kuo Construction provides employees with opportunities for continuous learning

People are the most valuable asset at any company. Young engineers with boundless energy and a thirst for learning are the backbone of Chien Kuo Construction. To that end, the company has carefully crafted training programs for employees and dedicates company resources to encourage continuous learning. Chien Kuo Construction provide colleagues with a wide range of training programs and developmental models to meet the needs of individuals at different stages of their career, thus establishing a holistic and nurturing plan for all employees.

Comprehensive nurturing system

Facilitating the learning and growth of employees includes not only improving professional expertise but also meeting the needs and challenges of individual career development. This involves cultivating a wide range of competencies and management capabilities, including working as part of a team, communications, leadership and financial skills. At Chien Kuo Group the training of employees is tailored to meet the needs of career development, with a focus on the nurturing of new arrivals and professional training, supplemented by core competence and management. Together these form a comprehensive and nurturing system for all employees.

Chien Kuo Construction understands the needs and expectations of employees

Chien Kuo Construction expects employees to work in solidarity with the company and be self-motivated. In return, Chien Kuo Construction takes good care of them and seeks to understand and meet their needs and expectations by providing systematic performance management, market-level remuneration and above-average benefits.

Optimized remuneration system

Annual and performance bonuses programs are based on profitability, employee contributions and performance against corporate-defined goals.

Cash gifts for important annual holidays.

Employee Welfare Assistance Programs

Cash allowance for employee’s wedding, birthday and the birth of employee’s children

Scholarships for employee’s children

Group insurance subsidies for employee, spouse and employee’s children

Compensation assistance for hospitalization or funerals

Intellectual Events

A library with a variety of books

Intermittent arts, cultural and health lectures or events

Ad-hoc subsidies for art and cultural activities

Discounts at partner shops

Work-life Balance

Subsidized annual company tour

Employee’s health check (biennial)

Encourage employees to participate in volunteer activities (paid volunteer leave)

Family Day

Year-end party

Pension Fund

The company contributes 6% of the salary to each employee's pension account according to law. The company has established a “Supervisory Committee of Employee’s Retirement Fund” to provide for the contribution, payment and management of employee retirement reserves.