Our strengths and services

Extensive experience with outstanding construction quality

Chien Kuo Construction has accumulated solid technical know-how and professional experience in constructing quality residential buildings, high-tech industrial facilities for renowned technology firms, hospitals, schools and benchmark public projects, winning critical acclaims in every sector.

Historical track record with a trustworthy reputation

Chien Kuo Construction continues to improve project planning, construction quality and environmental, health and safety standards through ISO and TOSHMS (Taiwan Occupational Safety & Health Management System) certification.

Strong financial status with competitive cost structures

Chien Kuo Construction spans construction and concrete businesses with footprints in China. With its strong financial status, Chien Kuo Construction’s operation and financials are hardly impacted by the fluctuation of overall economic environment.

Sophisticated IT management systems with a highly efficient organization

The use of IT systems helps the company examine business operations and construction management mechanisms, presenting a real time reflection of construction work, finances and manpower. Chien Kuo Construction integrates business management resources and harnesses IT platforms to boost organizational efficiency and the company’s capabilities, which enables it to offer owners the best quality services available.

Customer services

Professional services (residential)

  1. Construction projectscheme proposal
  2. Value engineering assessment
  3. Preliminary construction budget analysis
  4. Professional geotechnical engineering consultation

Professional services (commercial & industrial)

  1. Industrial construction consultation
  2. Construction schedule assessment
  3. Preliminary construction budget analysis
  4. Value engineering analysis

Design management (Turnkey)

  1. Building design
  2. Building cost and sales per unit area evaluation
  3. Proposed construction materials
  4. Embracing innovation
  5. Optimization of work period and techniques

Customer maintenance and repair services

  1. Instruction in equipment use
  2. Assessment of repair items
  3. Maintenance of an interactive relationship

Contact us: Shiue, Nian-guo, Manager, Sales Dept. 02-2784-9730#598 service@ckgroup.com.tw