Shun Long International Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

The mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) systems provide the building’s functions in much the same way as the nervous system in the human body. A building can operate well only if MEP systems are well designed and integrated with the structure of the building.
Shun Long International Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Chien Kuo Construction. It provides MEP engineering services for projects in which Chien Kuo Construction is the general contractor, as well as managing various aspects of such projects as per owner requests.
Smart building technology has become a major focus for architectural design over the past decade. It ensures MEP systems in a building are more efficient and safe through smart communication, management and monitoring. In addition, the concepts of environmental friendliness, sustainable buildings, renewable energy, recycling and energy management, have also become central elements in building planning. The above-mentioned technology and concepts make modern MEP systems much more complicated than in the past. BIM is used to integrate all MEP and architectural interfaces. It helps to clarify construction work interfaces, while reducing the possibility of mistakes. In other words, BIM improves construction quality and efficiency, reduces construction time and helps to more precisely meet the needs and objectives of the owner.
Shun Long International Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. provides customer service and repairs with a dedicated department, which emphasizes comprehensive service throughout the lifecycle of a building. Users’ feedback is also provided to the design end to ensure the quality of service is constantly upgraded.

Featured projects

HTC TY-5 2012

  • Location: Taoyuan city

  • Floor Area:48.883 m² (8F/B4F)

  • Scope of work:MEP/Fire Fighting/HVAC

Gloria Outlets 2016

  • Location: Taoyuan city

  • Floor Area:38.474 m² (3F/B1F)

  • Scope of work:MEP/Fire Fighting/HVAC


  1. Electrical and lighting
  2. ELV and IT
  3. Plumbing and wastewater management
  4. HVAC
  5. Fire safety and smoke ventilation
  6. Central monitoring engineering
  1. Access control, parking management system and building automation engineering
  2. Rainwater and greywater recycling
  3. Solar panel engineering
  4. Skyscraper MEP planning and management
  5. Installation of special industrial facilities and equipment
  6. Turn-key MEP engineering
  7. Other special equipment

Specialized technical services

  1. Value engineering assessment of energy management
  2. Integrated review of MEP and architectural interfaces
  3. BIM technology application
  4. Detailed planning and design and construction site management
  5. Equipment maintenance and management during the operational stage